Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Post!

Hello, and welcome to a A Girl Gamer's Perspective on the video game industry. I'm sure there are probably plenty of blogs out there with similar themes or ideas, but here's the crucial thing about me: I'm a writer. A three-time published author to be exact. I have a drive to create, and that drive makes me keep trying new things until something sticks. This blog used to be dedicated to "House Hazards," otherwise known as renovations, but I realized I didn't have the time, money or desire to put into keeping that blog updated, let alone finding projects to do around the house.

Aside from writing, my other main passion is video gaming. This is something I generally have a hard time admitting to people, because many people still view this as mainly a 'boy's hobby,' or they think that people that play games don't have a life. The latter might be true, as video games are a big part of my life. Luckily both my husband and I are gamers, so we understand that need in each other to gain the next level, beat the next boss, or achieve the next trophy. I also grew up with two younger brothers, so that probably helped contribute to my interest at a young age. I got to enjoy the likes of Super Mario Bros. on the NES, Final Fantasy III on the SNES, and Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation, among other great games, so I grew up with gaming. We even had an Atari, on which I sank mad hours into Pitfall. Even my parents have been known to play the occasional Tetris (Mom) and Operation Wolf (Dad). At this stage, nearly everyone is a 'gamer,' even if you don't classify yourself as such.

An interesting game- related story:

A few months back, I was working overnights for a large retail store. People that work overnights are generally crazy, but not so bad once you get to know them. One night while we were sitting on break, the girl next to me broke out her cell phone to get a few rounds in on a handheld game. I'm not sure what she was playing, but the guy seated across from us asked if she happened to be a girl gamer (he already knew I was). Her response? "Why would you say that?" And she sounded seriously offended, which only served to piss me off. Of course, so did the original question. Just because someone plays the occasional game on their cell phone, can one classify him/her as a gamer? I suppose so, in the broadest sense of the word, but as a more hardcore gamer myself, I tend to be a little elitist. I look down on people who play a phone game for five to ten minutes while they're taking a break, or waiting at the airport, or waiting for their food at a restaurant. But that's really beside the point. She didn't have to get all offended, as if that's the worst thing someone could call her.

A little note on the background I chose:

I'm currently re-reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, following along with Suzanne Johnson from ( as she reads the books for the first time. This series is easily my favorite of King's works, so the gunslinger in the header kind of spoke to me. The template is actually called "GameDude." There's a bit of irony for you!


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