Friday, July 8, 2011

Dungeon Siege III

D. picked this game up and has been playing it a lot, even though hack-and-slash RPGs aren't really his thing. Here I thought he bought it more for me. He also checked out a copy so that we could play a bit together (more so he wanted to get some of the online trophies with minimum fuss, and that was the easiest way). Whatever. I haven't even gotten a chance to start the game, but here I am jumping in with no idea what to do or how to play, aside from what I learned in the demo, which I played two weeks ago. We skipped most of the story because I plan on going through and playing the game by myself, just so I can enjoy all the little nuances and story-telling. See, this is why it takes me a while to play through a game. Not only do I want to get the trophies, but I also want to experience the game.

I'm not sure I'll stress myself over trying to platinum DSIII as some of the trophies sound kinda difficult -- the hardcore one for instance. But we'll see. I'm in the middle of inFAMOUS 2 right now, so I'd rather finish that up before I jump into something completely new.

From what I played, there's certainly nothing amazing about DSIII. It's your typical dungeon-crawler, complete with crazy amounts of loot. Towards the later part of the game, it won't even really pay to pick stuff up as your gear will be way better. Been there, done that. And the voice-acting is generally atrocious. But that's just first impressions. I'll probably post more once I get more time with the game.


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