Monday, July 11, 2011


I just started this game a few days ago, but there are three things I can say for certain:

I hate Nix.

Most of the user-generated content is terrible.

Kuo can get annoying.

I'm playing this one much the same as I did the first game: starting off playing on Normal as a good guy. For my second playthrough, I'll switch over to Evil and play on Hard. I learned something while playing the first game: being Evil is so much more fun. Plus Cole doesn't look much like a superhero. He's really an anti-hero. He could go either way, and people seem to fear him no matter what. Jumping straight from the first game to the second was a bit difficult since they changed voice actors. They have similar qualities, but I'd gotten used to Cole's original voice. The switch was a bit disorienting, though the new guy did an excellent job. And the graphics? There's no comparison. The second one is head and shoulders above its predecessor in that department. Simply amazing.

I really could have done without the user-generated content. I enjoy the missions Sucker Punch took time to create, and there are a few amusing missions I've run into by users (Electric Gear Solid anyone?), but the frustration factor is high for the most part. There are plenty of missions that give you no instruction, so you have no idea what you're supposed to do. There was one where I got a Mission Failed screen a couple of times, though I have no idea why, unless it's because I wandered too far away from the battle. And then there are the missions that just throw a ton of enemies at you, giving you almost no shot of winning. Oh, and one managed to freeze my game. Yeah, that was awesome. Stupid trophy that requires me to play 25 of these dang things. So now, I'm being kinda picky. I don't know how many Sucker Punch has created, but I'm sticking mostly to them when I come across them. If anyone out there has created one or played one that wasn't either stupid or difficult, post the name of it and I'll keep an eye out for it.


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